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I need some advise / help.  We currently have PD set up for multiple legal entities (buyers) with multiple cost centres and use the defaults to direct documents on workflow for approvals. 
We now have a need to direct a certain type of document over all companies and cost centres to a single approver without disturbing the current approval hierarchy.  Is there a way in Readsoft to "flag" these documents, either in verify or PD and bypass the normal approvals and direct to the single approver?
This would almost be like the system looks at the document and if it has this "flag" send it this way, no matter what the buyer or CC, or if no "flag" then send it via the current set up.

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The system can do this.

I am not aware of standard Process Director functionality which will route based on cost center.  This would have been set up as a user exit (a customized solution) at the time of your implementation.
I suggest to ask your SAP/ABAP expert to check transaction /cockpit/WI3.  Scroll across the table and double-click the workcyle user exit.  Then by clicking this icon [image], they will be able to  review the program logic.  Which field is being used to determine how documents are workflowed?  It could be company code, document type, invoice profile, etc.,  Note that we workflow based on Purchase Requisition or PO creator.

Once you know which field drives the workflow process, you then would create a process from the Readsoft Invoices module.  This is going to depend on how you differentiate your invoices for your other approver.  The plugins Auto value or Invoice Rules can be used to set a value based on an attribute in an invoice.  You can check which plugins you have installed from Manager > Plugins.  Or you could use a separate invoice profile or job to differentiate the invoices without using a plugin.

The best set-up will depend on an in depth understanding of your existing business process, what plugins you have installed and what would be the most efficient way to resolve.

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All the workflow cutomizing is based on [Company code; PD document type]. The idea is that, if you have different PD doc types, you may want the workflows to behave differently.
I understand that you have here a very specific invoice type... it may make sense to create a dedicated PD document type, with a dedicated set of workflows and the corresponding recipients.

This is no more than an additional idea... Of course I also agree with Cheryl's explanations.

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