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In a previous post I talked about our training and documentation strategy for the implementation of Invoices (at that time v5-5) and Process Director (v7.1) systems.  I also referred to completing a trouble-shooting guide of the top ten questions which were asked by Work Cycle users post go-live. 

It is very useful to know what problems your users may encounter prior to go-live so you can start your own trouble-shooting guide early, or incorporate this knowledge into your training and documentation. So what were those top-ten issues:

1.  Users responding to the Work Cycle email and not actioning the item in their Work Cycle inbox.
2.  Not reading the note added by Accounts Payable staff to the Work Cycle item.
3.  Users adding a note to the Work Cycle item but not sending the workflow back to AP by Approving
     or Rejecting it.
4.  Users not understanding the differences between the types of workflows they receive and
     how this influences the icons and what they can data enter.
5.  Users not understanding the difference between the Queries for Document function (the workflow
    comes back to them after the recipient responds) and the Send Workflow function (workflow goes 
    to AP after the recipient responds).
6.  Users completing the goods receipt or service entry (in SAP) & not sending the workflow back to AP
7.  Specific SAP issue if they had 6 windows in SAP open then they cannot launch the Work Cycle item
8.  Not being able to see the vendor invoice in the Work Cycle inbox (i.e. they weren't clicking the
     image icon).
9.  Locating the original vendor invoice (as an attachment) to the posted SAP document.
10.Contacting Accounts Payable for assistance before reading the documentation materials that were 
    linked to the Work Cycle email!!!

If your Work Cycle is live and you are currently swamped with any or all of the top 10, it may be useful to produce a trouble-shooting guide and attach a link to it in your Work Cycle email.  Refer your users to the trouble-shooting guide and if that doesn't solve their problem, then contact Accounts Payable or the IT Service Desk.

Would be great to hear whether your company has similar top 10 issues, or different ones, and how you dealt with them.  Likewise, if you implement a trouble-shooting guide approach, let us know if it works for you!


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Hi, Cheryl.

I had a user create a note and then try to reject the item by clicking on the x button. However, upon doing so, she gets a pop-up message saying "Document changed, operation not possible" and then a pop-up error message shows "The process was interrupted by the user"

I have tried to replicate this in our test environment, and everytime I try to reject it, it was always successful.

Is there anything I am missing on this?

By the way, the document is set as MM and the Purchase document is set as  "no po".

Thanks in advance.


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Hi jprsebastian,
Apology for such a late reply!  I changed jobs where there is no Readsoft system [frown]

You probably have resolved this by now.  But for future reference.

 I found this issue too.  It was resolved by the user refreshing their screen.  If refresh not available, I asked them to exit out of the transaction then come back in again.

Kind regards

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