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Dear Readsoft User
I established this forum in May 2014 to build an online community of Readsoft Users.  As Chair of the Readsoft User Group in Melbourne, I realised that there is a need to share problems and resolutions with other like minded users, in between our user group meetings.

While Readsoft Support have been great in assisting us, there are always several ways to approach a problem and Readsoft are not necessarily experts in our unique business processes (just one example, Evaluated Receipt Settlement in SAP and how that fits in with Readsoft); so we need an avenue to share our knowledge which will enhance our Readsoft Support.

I have tentatively categorised the forum into Invoices, SAP, Oracle, Technology One, AP Processes and Document Scanning.  This is not an exhaustive list and I am looking forward to assistance and suggestions in structuring the forum better.  Help please!

I hope that there are many contributors to the forum, not only in posting questions, but in helping others to resolve their problems.  What goes around, comes around.  In the long-run we will all gain better value from our Readsoft investment via a cohesive, well-informed and collaborative Readsoft User Community.

I am looking forward to connecting with you via a forum or the Readsoft User Group meetings.

Cheryl Sammut
SAP FICO Analyst - Incitec Pivot Ltd
Melbourne Australia

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