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We are importing pdf files into Invoices 5-7 and the format has two dates - Tax Point Date and Invoice Date, separately labelled, one beneath the other. The invoice definition picks out the Tax Point Date. In Verify the date field is always proposed (1/2) with the two dates selected, even when these dates are identical (most times they are).

We have tried recreating the definition, trying different things, but to no avail. The odd thing is that if reinterpret is called within Verify, this problem does not occur.

Any ideas anyone?

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Hi David
Since no-one has responded I will jump in on this one.
You said you have tried a number of things and I am not sure what they were, so apology if you have already considered some of these.
These are the things I would try:

1.  I recall the Readsoft consultant telling us that when there are 1/2 next to a field it means the system has found two possible matches.  It is important on first time verification to click on the 1/2 and toggle to the correct field.  This will teach Readsoft to find the correct value.  With that in mind, I would reroute any invoices I have in verify to <System> and I would delete the invoice definition.   Then I would bring one of the rerouted invoices back in so it creates a new invoice definition and first time verification. Then when first time verifying, click on the 1/2 button to toggle it.  Note, toggling and drawing a box around the correct field are two different things. 

2.  If number 1 does not work, I would alter the position of the date field to be Left/Right.
position of date field.png 

3.  If that does not work, I would check the title of the field in Optimise to ensure it is unique.  For example, I would only highlight the word Invoice rather than InvoiceDate.  But I would need to be satisfied that this does not muck up another field like Invoice number.

I suspect #1 will do the trick but if none of the above works, please feel free to send me an invoice and I will run it through our system.

Kind regards

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