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VDI users are experiencing intermittent slowness on Cockpit/1 Tcode. These users are performing an invoice posting activity and in order to perform the activity they need open the Invoices which are in PDF format.

Issue 1) sometimes it is taking 30-40 seconds to open the invoices (PDF) but the acceptable/standard time to open an invoice should be 3-4 seconds irrespective of the size of the invoices (PDF) it seems

Issue 2) Latency in overall invoice posting activity. each invoice posting activity is taking nearly 4-5 minutes due to the buffering time when the users click on any tabs in the cockpit/1 console but the acceptable/standard time for posting an invoice is 2 minutes.

The above two issues are not seen in non-VDI machines. But the users are working on VDI machines for 2 and half years and they never experienced this issue before in VDI machines. All other apps are working fine on the VDI machines expect for this intermittent Cockpit/1 slowness.

Interestingly SAP application team has identified a new pattern that the delay is witnessed on specific transactions which has (None) on the RFC destination colomn. PFA the transaction snapshot for your reference. In other words, non-vertex related transactions are taking long time. Need to understand more about these non-Vertex related transactions. Vertex is an application used for tax calculation. So our understanding is non-tax related transactions are taking more time. I would really appreciate if someone from this forum could shed more light to narrow down the issue. Thank you!

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