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 Do you optimize (learn) the Debit/Credit Indicator Field?
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We were advised to leave the Debit/Credit indicator field as unlearned and this has worked more or less until the other day when our Verifyer complained that a debit invoice she was processing was coming into Verify as a credit.  She rerouted the invoice several times and sometimes it came through as a debit and other times it came through as a credit.

Looking at the invoice closely, I could see in very fine print right at the bottom "no credit will be granted"  and realised that the Interpet engine had scanned the entire invoice until it found the word Credit and went "aha! This is a credit note".  The Debit/Credit indicator in the Invoice Definition was unlearned and the invoice had a positive value.

In previous testing how Credits are processed, I could see that the system will determine its a credit if the value is negative.  I think this is the first pass test.  If the value is positive and if it sees a label that corresponds with the credit values setting in eiglobalextra.ini then it flips it to a credit (that's the second pass).  Please correct me if I am wrong, its just how it looks via testing credit invoices. 

In reviewing the Help files, it says to teach the Debit/Credit field, however to choose a word that is unique to Invoices or Credits.  It does not matter whether you teach it a debit or a credit label, as long as you teach it something that is unique. 

Based on the above, here are some examples:

a)  Debit:  Tax Invoice  Credit: Adjustment note
     If it is a debit, teach Tax Invoice, if it is a credit teach Adjustment

b)  Debit:  Tax Invoice  Credit:  Credit Invoice
     In this example you would not teach the single word "Invoice" because it is not unique to either  
     Debits or Credits. 
     Teach either "Tax Invoice" or "Credit"

I guess the most straight forward thing to tell Verifiers is to choose the shortest description possible for credit notes (just teach the single word credit or adjustment) and use the longest for specifying the debit.  That way you won't have to be editing the Debit/Credit field profile or the eiglobalextra.ini file for unusual credit titles; and Verifyers are more likely to be teaching a label which is unique.

The long and short is, I now think the Debit / Credit indicator should be learned otherwise the Interpret Engine is going to scan your entire invoices looking for any credit value words and if the supplier has used the words "Credit" or "Adjustment" (even in fine print) and the same word is in your eiglobalextra.ini [CreditValues] then the system might flip a Debit to a Credit.  Wouldn't that be lovely if it happened to all of our personal bills!

For more information, search the Help files for the term "Debit".

Note, I am posting a poll on this topic, so if you are shy and don't want to make a public comment, please respond to the poll.  It would be great to hear what other companies are doing.


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