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Hi all,

Is there a way to show the "last action date" of a document in cockpit summary screen in PD.  This would show the last action taken on a document, I guess it would come from the audit trail.

An example:

A document is on workflow but the user is applying regular notes.  The overdue in workflow date calculates the date from the start of the workflow, so if I use that to monitor, it suggests a document has not been touched since the start of the workflow.

another example:

A document was on workflow but has been released back into the cockpit.  How do I monitor what date the document was released?

Is there a "last action date" that would cover this?


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The ALV is based on the structure /COCKPIT/SHDR_DISP.
In this structure, you have no field for the date of last modification.
Nevertheless, you can extend it with the customer include CI_COCKPIT_HDR_DISP.
Then you have to populate this field dynamically with the user exit 035. The information will be available in /COCKPIT/TSTAT-CR_TIMESTAMP (to be checked: I have never used it).
Be carefull with the performance : your exit will be executed for each selected document!

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