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We are on ReadSoft version 5.7  and SAP ECC 6

We use service purchase orders.  Often there is one line in the service PO (like so)ServicePO1.png 


 but several “service lines” in the Services tab of the PO. (like so)  




 Users, when entering the Service entry sheet, may select several of these ‘service lines’, changing quantities etc.  (like so)

Service PO3.png   



 When the invoice enters Cockpit, it has an error message:

/cockpit/CHK063 “item 000001 is ignored because of GR-based IV (reference missing)"  and the invoice will not post.


However if the invoice is entered directly into SAP via transaction MIRO, no error message is received and the invoice posts with no problem!!


Any ideas, on what I’m missing??  L


Any and all suggestions are appreciated!!


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Hi Annie

The check is at the Readsoft level which is why you see the error from the Invoice Cockpit but not when entering directly via MIRO (ie you are bypassing Readsoft).

The check is coming from program /cockpit/lcheckF15.  The program is saying  that if the PO line item is flagged as GR/IR based IV AND the item-ref_doc [LFBNR] field is blank OR the item-ref_year [LFGJA] field is blank then return error 063.

In a nutshell, in the cockpit it is checking the reference field and the year field (see below).  If either of these fields are blank, then the error message is generated.

Please discuss with your local SAP support as I am not sure why you have GR-based-IV turned on for service POs. You can see the flag if you open the PO and look at the Invoice tab.  Service POs would use S-Bsd-IV not GR-bsd IV.  It might also be possible to turn this check off in Readsoft. 

 You could also follow up with Readsoft support why the reference fields are not being populated in the Invoice Cockpit.  Use transaction tekki in the SAP command field and get an ALV, History and Tree dump of the data to send to Readsoft.

Kind regards

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