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When we went live with Invoices 5-5, we had two buyers and each buyer were set up (by our implementation consultants) with just  two inboxes each in Verify called "Invoices" and "Rejected".  The vast majority of interpreted Invoices went into the Invoices inbox where verifyers opened each invoice to determine whether the status was complete or otherwise.  Further, there was no user-friendly way of discerning whether the supplier had been verified before.  So verifyers were verifying most like a first time verification invoice.  Yipes.

The Readsoft Help files to the rescue!  I discovered that we could categorise the invoices coming into Verify based on their status and configured the inbox as follows:

·         New - First time Verification (status = unidentified)

·         Normal Verification (the remaining selected statuses in the old inbox configuration but not unidentified, complete or rejected)

·         Completed (status = complete)

·         Rejected (status = rejected)

If you have only a few inboxes and need to categorise them better, here's how.  Note also that the Help files (search for Inbox then go to configuration dialog) provides more detailed guidance.


1.  Go to Manager and open Invoices

2.  Take a note of the Number of Rows at the top of the left-hand column (this is your control total for the number of invoices that are in Verify)

3.  Go to Verify and confirm that the total number of invoices in Verify matches the total number of invoices in Manager (this is a sanity saver step, in case 4-16 works and the problem was there in the first place!)

4. From the Menu Bar, select Settings > Inbox Configuration

5.  Click Edit Folders

6.  In the left hierarchy area, highlight the relevant Parent node (usually company level)

7.  On the bottom left, click Child Nodes button to create a sub-folder for the company.  It will be called <New Node>

8.  On the bottom left, click Rename button and change the name

9.  Select "Apply Selection Criteria to this folder/group"

10.  Select Invoice Profile for the new profile (say Invoices)

11.  Click Statuses tab and choose the relevant status (say Complete, if you setting up a completed folder)

12.  Click Buyers tab and select which Buyer this folder relates to (or all buyers)

13. On the left hierarchy area, highlight the old inbox where the status (in this example Complete) was going to.  Click Statuses and deselect the relevant one (in this example Complete).

14. When done, click OK

15.  Restart Verify (if it were already open).  You should see a total for each buyer on the left.

16.  Confirm that the number of Invoices in Verify tallies with the number of Invoices in Manager.  If not, tweak your statuses in Inbox Configuration.


Note that duplicating the statuses in Inbox configuration does not duplicate your invoices; rather it just duplicates the reference to the one invoice.  So don't be too alarmed if your numbers don't tally after your first attempt at inbox configuration.  The best advice I can give is to set up one new folder at a time and systematically remove the added status (at step 13) after selecting the new status (at step 11) (i.e. one in, one out).

For more information about the advanced Verify Options on the bottom right of the inbox configuration screen then search for Inbox in the Help files (then go to configuration, dialog). 



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