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I've recently been working on how to improve buyer identification in Readsoft. Our firm has 23 buyer-units with most of them starting with the same name, followed by a section name.

When invoices comes in e-mail and are distributed to either PO og Expense with collector, then it's up to Readsoft to interpret the buyer.

In Manager, you can edit the variations of the buyers by going to "Administration > List buyers"
The helpfile (f1) states that: "the default fields used to identify buyers are Name1, Name2, NameSupplement1, NameSupplement2, and VATRegistrationNumber. You can add other fields to this list using the BuyerExtraIdentifierFields setting in Eiglobal.ini."

Have anyone tried this? I didn't find this section in our eiglobal.ini file...

I've entered a few variations of the buyer names in Manager, and also tried adding the postal code - which in our case is unique for each buyer. The helpfile states this about postal codes:

- When INVOICES finds more than one match based on any of the name fields above, it uses the PObox, Street, StreetSupplement, PostalCode, and City fields to determine the correct buyer. You can also use any of these fields in BuyerExtraIdentifierFields when they uniquely identify a buyer.

However, the helpfile also states that you must be careful if you use fields that have numerical values. Even though they may identify buyers, these values may also be found in other fields in invoices for other buyers. For example, the POBox value may be unique for each buyer, but these values may also be found in amount fields. A buyer may have the PO Box "20", but "20" may also appear as amounts or quantities on other invoices. In this case, the value for POBox cannot be considered as being unique for invoices for different buyers.

I don't know if I understood this part, as there are no unique postal codes when comparing to amounts that can appear on invoices. I HOPE it means that, if Readsoft is unsure when trying to identify the NAME of the buyer, it uses the other criterias (ex. postal code) to find a unique buyer..

We've tried implementing this now, like I said, and I will observe how this affects the identification process.

Any help on this issue would be greatly appreciated! [smile]




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I think I know how this works now.. Here's our eiglobal setting:


It seems all columns has been listen under "BuyerColumnNames" instead of under "BuyerExtraIdentifierFields".

However, I'm still unsure of the logic Readsoft uses when identifying the parameters "Name1" & "Name2" & "Name Supplement1" & "Name Supplement2".

I THINK it checks the parameters this way:
Name1 + Name Supplement1
Name2 + Name Supplement2

However, I HOPE it checks the parameters this way:
As mentioned above, plus:
Name 1 + Name Supplement 2
Name 2 + Name Supplement 1

How the other parameters are used (postal code) and WHEN they are used, I don't know [tongue]
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