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An invoice is corrupt if when you click it, the Manager module crashes.  You cannot delete this invoice from Manager.

What to do?

You will need to use the "Clear Database" function to resolve this problem.  If you have little expertise in Manager, it would be best to have Readsoft guide you through as the implications of getting this function wrong are HUGE.  You could delete all of your good invoices in Verify, or you could delete all of your invoice definitions, with just a few clicks.  So be very careful. 

It is also important to be aware that this process will reroute everything you have in Verify to <System> therefore all invoices will need to be reinterpreted again.  If you have a lot of invoices in Verify, consider when is the best time to start this as it might take several hours for the invoices to come back into Verify (depending on how many you have).

If you are unable to get onto Readsoft support and are desperate to proceed, or you have confidence in using Manager (you could also have a practice run in your Test environment), then this is what to do:

1.  Get everyone out of the Invoices Module
2.  Stop your Services (I would do Transfer and Interpret)
3.  Go into Manager and type "a" above the Status column.  Do you have invoices waiting to be transferred to your ERP?  Now Sort the Interpreted column and see if there are any blank values.  Do you have invoices waiting to transfer between SCAN/EMAIL and Verify?
4.  You need to move along all but the corrupt invoices first by kicking off either the Interpret or Transfer services manually (see earlier post on how to move stuck invoices).  To do this, change the sort order so that the corrupted invoice ends up the last to process
5.  In Manager, right-click and Refresh.  You should now have a list of all invoices currently in the Verify module + the corrupted invoice
6.  Reroute the good invoices to <System> by selecting them all and right-clicking, select Reroute
7.  Now you should have only one invoice (if only one is corrupted) attached to your Invoices Profile and everything else will be in <System>
8.  From Manager click Administration > Clear Database
9.  Select Objects > Invoices
10. Select Delete > Connected to a Single Invoice Profile.  Select Invoices from the drop-down.
11. Click Clear
12. The corrupted invoice should be gone (right-click Refresh if you still see it).
13. Reroute invoices from <System> back to Invoices.
14. Start your services (alternatively, run the Interpret job manually and monitor it as it goes through).
15. Note, all invoices that you rerouted will be reinterpreted again.

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