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Fully corrupted invoices that crash the Invoices module when the system tries to Transfer them to your ERP are a pain to deal with. 

In the early days of our implementation this happened regularly until we realised that restarting our SAP system while the Transfer service was still running might be the cause of the problem.  We are a multinational company and one of our SAP instances is located in the US while our Readsoft server is located in Australia.  We were not always informed when maintenance was performed on the SAP server in the US.

Now we have a procedure in place for whenever SAP needs to be restarted (after backups, installation of patches, upgrades, etc.,) to advise the Server guys to login to the Readsoft Server and stop the services then restart them again after they have finished their SAP maintenance.  Since this change, we have not seen a badly corrupted invoice again.  Also, remember to check for any corrupted invoices with every unscheduled outage of your ERP system.

Our invoices sometimes get stuck between Scan and Verify or Verify and SAP, however, we can usually easily delete these from the Manager module without having to reroute any remaining invoices in Verify.

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