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How do I identify which profiles I have Optimized to Auto Verify?

When you go into INVOICES Optimize you can go into a vendor profile > Click on Settings>select Invoice>check the box “Automatically approve invoices with Complete Status.”   This means when an invoice goes through Interpret and all the fields that Verify need to find are correct or have a green light next to the field, the invoice will no appear in Verify to post, but rather Transfer straight to SAP (STP or Straight Through Processing).

But How do you identify what is set to Auto Verify?

This a common question to the Readsoft Developers over the past few years, but has continued to be skipped. There are some work easy work a rounds.

A)     Go into Optimize, complete learning all the fields so the profile is fully “Learned”.  Click the Auto Verify box explained above.  Then click Approve. To complete the optimization process and accept all changes.  Now when you are in the Optimize and you see the List of all profiles. Scroll to the right > In the field box above ‘Status’ filter with ”L” this will just show all Learned profiles.

B)       I use this process: After you have Optimised the profile > Click the Auto Verify box explained above> Then before you click Approve> Type in the Description field “Optimised” this will then appear in the “Description” field next to the vendor number of each profile. This is also good practice to identify which profiles are optimised for Credits or multiple profiles of the same vendor because of different invoices types (faxed, credits, etc..)


Ciaran Mara


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