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Broadly, there are three groups of documentation/training required for an Invoice Processing system. 

1. The Accounts Payable team who use Verify and Optimise and someone who uses Manager
2. The Server team who monitor the system and clear out the logs
3. The ERP users who receive invoices to process via workflow.

During our implementation, I found Readsoft focussed on #1 which is where they had the most documentation materials.  #2 was covered shortly after implementation although at this stage, I don't think we fully prepared for how we would manage and maintain the system long-term and not all of the relevant players were invited to this session.  #3 impacts the most users in the organisation who are likely geographically dispersed and very little documentation/training was provided by Readsoft.  Granted, the agreement was a train-the-trainer approach, however, the trainers did not have much training/documentation to assist them to prepare.  I have a training background so took on the task of developing materials for #1 and #3.

Number #3 presents its own challenges because potentially anyone could receive a workflow to process and we have Plants all over Australia, and in remote locations.  We ditched the Readsoft suggested workflow email templates and developed our own with brief embedded step-by-step instructions on what the user should do.  Essentially, each time a user received an email notifying them they had something to process in workflow, they also received the instructions on how to process it.  We also included a link to the more comprehensive documentation materials on our intranet (ie, if you need more information, click here).  The link went to the exact page for that particular workflow, so that users did not have to navigate a web site to find what they were looking for.  In the text module in SAP, the link could not be greater than 72 char else it wrapped to the second line and the link was broken in the email (we couldn't figure out how to wrap the URL over 2 lines in SAP so we stuck to insisting the web developer give us URLs not exceeding 72 char!).

Several guides for each workflow type (e.g. Goods Receipt, no purchase order, etc.,) were developed.  A step-by-step guide, quick reference guide, process flow diagrams, Q&A were developed.  A couple of weeks after go-live, I developed a trouble-shooting guide of the top 10 questions users asked and included a link to this guide in our workflow emails. I also ran a query of who had received a workflow and emailed them directly with the trouble-shooting guide.   Don't underestimate the value of a trouble-shooting guide as I think these days most users learn-while-doing and just want a guide to help them to recover if they get into difficulty.

This training/documentation strategy resulted in us not having to deliver face-to-face training sessions with any of our geographically dispersed users and saved a small fortune in training and travel costs.   Please see the attached file for my company's view about the value of this training approach:

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