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I am trying to identify how to extract the Purchasing Document creation date when running cockpit extract report - there is a field asking selection of document type but dont know the 2 character doc code fr purcahsing document - any suggestions out there - or is there a simpler route to find date the Purchasing Document created
The client is using SAP certified add in of PRO-BUYER for PO and GR control of goods and services
Many thanlk Robbie

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Hello Robert,

I'm afraid I don't understand what you are looking for. What do you call "cockpit extract report"?

The creation date of a PO is a field of EKKO. If you have one single PO per PD document, it's quite easy: you get the EKKO record corresponding to /cockpit/thdr-po_number. If you have several PO's, it's a bit more complex because you will have the PO defined at the item level only. Therefore you will need to define a rule such as "I take the most recent date of the different PO" or "I take the date corresponding to the PO with the highest amount"...
I don't know what you call "cockpit extract report". But surely, you will need some specific development.

Best regards,

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