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This question was raised during the Melb Readsoft User Group meeting.
There are two views on this:

1.  Readsoft advise to delete all old invoice definitions and start anew with the improved interpretation engine.
2.  We kept all of our optimized invoice definitions during the upgrade process.  Note, this is not an additional process.  When you uninstall the old Invoices version (we had 5-5) and install the new 5-7, the uninstall/install does not remove your old invoice definitions.  When you start Manager for the first time after the install, the system will automatically upgrade your invoice definitions.

We found that we had an issue with only those invoice definitions that had an alpha-numeric date.  In Verify, the date field kept coming up as error, even though we had the correct date settings in our eiglobalextra.ini file.  So we only deleted invoice definitions where there was a problem with the date, which is roughly 5% of our optimized invoice definitions.

Note, pay particular attention to the Corporate Group ID field during the upgrade process in your test environment.  Ours went from 4 characters to 1 characters.  This was resolved by changing the corporate group ID in the VMD upload to 1 char prior to the installation in Production.

My recommendation is to export your optimized IDs from your Production system (you may need to do this in lots of a couple of hundred or so) and import them into Test.  Then you can better gauge how the upgrade will impact these before jumping to the decision to dump them all. 

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