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Here is my requirement.
I have a workflow made of 5 steps. The recipient for each step if determined via a user exit.
I want to avoid the same person to be called out for 2 different steps : I want a step to be deactivated if the recipient of this step has already approved a previous step either because he was the original recipient, either because he appoved as a substitute, either because he was the recipient of a forward.

I've created a user exit for the condition of each step. This user exit will determine the recipient of this steps and read the table of the versions of the workflows item. If he finds an entry for the current workflow, for the same recipient and the status '04' (approve), he deactivates the step.

It works fine except between step N and step N+1. Because when the user exit is called, the version of the workflow step is not created yet.
And I find to mean of determining the code of the current user (by the way, I am using the PD-Web app. Therefore sy-user is useless).

I would appreciate any idea!
Thanks in advance.


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