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If your Verify inbox is set up to send first time invoices to their own inbox, then you may have noticed invoices in there from suppliers you have dealt with before.  Why?

There are several possible reasons for this.

1.  The identifier fields on the invoice definition it should of matched to have not been drawn correctly.

·         Go to Optimize and search for all IDs for the same supplier

·         Take a note of the ID# it should have matched to and the ID# that it did match to

·         Redraw the identifier fields of the ID that it should of matched to (see post in Optimize on tips for drawing identifier fields, forthcoming)

·         Go to Verify and reroute the invoice to <System> (if you have v5-7 you can simply hit the reinterpret button).  Go to Manager and locate the <System> invoice (you may need to right-click and Refresh if Manager was already open), reroute to Invoices (or whatever your profile name is)

·         Check that the invoice picked up the correct invoice definition either through Manager by checking the ID number that was used (quickest method) or by Verify by checking which inbox it dropped into.

·         If correct, delete the new invoice definition in Optimize (and any other duplicates for this supplier), else try again or see points below.

Note when an invoice is rerouted, its status is set to scanned (like you have just put it on the scanner) so it needs to be reinterpreted again.  This may take a few minutes depending on what jobs your Interpret engine is currently working on.  If you are focussed on fixing incorrect supplier matching, my advice is to find a quiet time of the day (when Invoices are not been scanned or processed via email) to do this; as you will get through the list quicker.


2.  The supplier has changed the format of their Invoices


·         In Optimize, search for all IDs of the same supplier.  Compare the images.

·         If you have a new invoice format for the same supplier, or your supplier issues multiple formats for different business divisions, then work out at least one identifier field which will make the invoice unique.  For example, the logo might be a little different, or it has a different fax number. 

·         Redraw the identifier fields and adjust the Advanced Settings to make the identifier fields AND instead of OR.

·         Give your Invoice Definition a description that corresponds with this supplier invoice (for example, “Mining Division).


3.  The supplier invoice is feint or blurred


If the resolution of the invoice is poor, the Interpret engine might see it as an entirely new invoice.  We found this is less of an issue with Invoices 5-7.   Think of the supplier Logo identifier field like it’s a photo.  If two photos have different resolutions, the system won’t know they are the same photo.  It’s a good bet that the system is not going to use the logo to find the correct invoice definition.  So now you have just two identifier fields left.  We use ABN (Australian Business Number) and Fax number however these values could be anything as long as they are unique to this supplier (note you may need to adjust the field format if you use something else). 


So looking at your feint invoice definition, what is unique to the supplier and what will the Interpret engine have the best chance of reading?  Teach it that and give your feint invoice definition a description like “feint copy”.


Note that Readsoft recommends deleting poor quality invoice definitions.  In an earlier post I talked about the potential for salvaging these if you get a lot of poor quality invoice definitions from the same supplier. It gets down to a cost versus benefit. How much work is it to continually deal with invoices from a regular supplier in the first time verification inbox, as opposed to trying to make the feint copies work?  The reality for some businesses like our own who have plants distributed all over Australia, US and Canada is that we don’t always receive the same resolution invoice from a supplier and invoices are not always sent to a central point for processing.  The upgrade to Invoices 5-7 has helped a lot with this issue.


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