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Restoring Hidden Fields in Optimise - advice, please :-) GilliesDP 41 4
by RAY2K
Transferring Invoice Definitions from one Invoice profile to another RAY2K 28 4
by nicothebee
Invoice Date hoi 49 3
by Crescent City Rogue
Optimizing the latest invoice layout received from a supplier Mummers 57 3
by nicothebee
optimize customization vancouverannie 294 3
by vancouverannie
Validation retype tmladenov 170 2
by tmladenov
Invoices with status "Unidentified" tmladenov 198 3
by tmladenov
Line items Quantity field should be always 1 naresh1984 176 4
by Ignacio
Format for currency field netvalue and gross value naresh1984 98 3
by Ignacio
Where are the identifier fields saved naresh1984 213 4
by cherylc
Invoices numbers ending "RI" are being read as "RL" molloyr 316 4
by molloyr
sub header function in Line item naresh1984 104 2
by Satyajit
Verify keeps asking me to choose between two vendors even after Optimized. VillageRoadshow 1,035 13
by BLY
Readsoft Optimize Documentation by Roger Stanmore, Consulting Manager - Oceania cherylc 1,356 2
by cherylc
Verify keeps proposing choice of two dates (Tax Point Date & Invoice Date) even when they are identical david.chappell 178 1
by cherylc
Optimize - Setting Account #'s up in place of a phone number cbucks723 339 3
by cbucks723
How to capture DueDate in Optimize Module alexpea 339 2
by alexpea
In Verify MARCH becomes MAY, JAN becomes June cherylc 316 1
by cherylc
Optimize - Do we teach the Debit/Credit Indicator field? cherylc 461 0
by cherylc
Myth Busters - How you can confirm the 80/20 rule for invoice optimization cherylc 372 0
by cherylc
Which Invoices Should be Optimized? cherylc 863 1
by cherylc
How Do I identify which profiles I have Optimised? VillageRoadshow 403 0
by VillageRoadshow
Why am I getting duplicate invoice definitions for the same supplier cherylc 694 2
by cherylc
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